Hegira Cycling is a Portuguese brand that is born with the desire to pedal differently. We believe that in cycling we find a balance for modern life. But we go even further – we believe that cycling changes our lives.

It is the pedaling that disconnect and repair the sound of our breath, cultivate friendships and discover the wonders of nature. A perfect solution to test our limits, and to create close bonds of trust and friendship with our fellow travelers. Cycling encourages us to evolve and develop an alternative, healthier, free and conscious lifestyle.

It is our passion for cycling that leads us to focus on the design and quality of the equipment we have developed to combine performance, experience and style. In our plays we celebrate our love of cycling.

It does not matter if you are a professional cyclist or an amateur cyclist: if you seek performance, design and detestation, then you are one of us.

Hegira Cycling, a way of being in life.

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