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As regular cyclists we like to invest in high quality cycling equipment. And, many times, when we open our closet we notice that cycling is the most expensive clothing we have. For this reason, it is important to make the equipment last long time in good condition. Here are some tips to keep our kit new:

How to keep your cycling equipment in good condition?

We will not explain how to use the washing machine, but certainly, that these technical cycling equipment will have to be treated differently than your underwear. 😉

Read the brand instructions. Find out the different fabrics that make up the cycling equipment to understand the washing temperature, treatment, and what types of detergents you can use.

Should I use soap and conditioner? After an intense workout, no one can stand the smell of sweaty clothing. So the most important thing is not to let the sweat dry on your clothes. Immediately put the cycling set to be washed, if possible by hand, but if it is in the machine, try not to add clothes with velcro or other everyday clothes that could damage the fabrics. If it is very dirty, put it in a basin of water first to get the maximum amount of dirt. Use a short program of cold water in the washing machine and with a minimum concentration of detergent. Close the zips and turn the clothes inside out.

Dry our cycling equipment. Forget drying machines. These can irrevocably damage the fabrics – deform the sheep, dry the silicone bands, deform the caps’ caps and others. Place the equipment on a clothesline without direct exposure to the sun. UV rays also damage elastics, fabrics and even the foam of the sheep.

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Happy cycling!

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