4 causes for numbness in the feet when pedaling.

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4 Causes for numbness in the feet when pedaling.

How do I stop numbness when cycling?

Why do my feet go numb cycling?

How do you get rid of numbness in your feet?

Cycling for hours and hours in itself is an immense challenge – physical and mental, but with numbness in the feet becomes even more challenging.

Numbness or even pain in the feet when cycling is a problem that most cyclists have to face at least once in their life. We may not even experience this discomfort often, but in the longest laps we will find that the problem is not yet completely resolved. In order to permanently get rid of numbness or lack of sensation in the feet or even in the genital area, we must pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Adjustment of cycling shoes

While cycling it is natural that the feet swell due to the increased blood flow and even the increase in temperature. Avoid shoes that are too tight that can hinder your circulation.

When adjusting the shoe make sure you do not overtighten the laces, Boa grips or even velcro straps. This can put a lot of pressure on the tendons of the upper foot, restrict foot movements and promote weak blood circulation in that area – which can lead to numbness in the foot.

A single velcro tape at the top of the foot can limit pressure in a small area, rather than spreading it across the foot. Some models will be more comfortable than others, so try and choose the cycling shoes you feel good with.

You should also pay attention to the cleat you are using. If you are feeling the cleat on your soles keep in mind that this can cause a lot of pressure on your foot. Choose a model with a soft cleat that promotes comfort during cycling and put less pressure on the soles of your feet.

As for the width and height of the shoe, cyclists should wear a wider or taller shoe according to the shape of their foot.

  1. Correct your bike position

Another common cause of numbness and tingling in the feet may be a bad position on the bike. Of course, the more aerodynamic position (more inclined to the front) adopted puts more stress on the lower back and the pelvis. For an amateur cyclist it is important to think to what a more aerodynamic position can bring you in advantage. In these cases, if there is compression of any spinal nerve, it can automatically cause the feet to fall asleep. The solution is to change your position to a little less aggressive. You often see amateur cyclists with saddles too high and back. Look for a bike fit specialist.

Also try to alternate the positions of cycling standing and sitting. This helps to release discomfort in the feet and back. It will also be a good idea to take a few breaks and incorporate some stretches for the hamstrings and the pisiform. The lack of mobility of these spine joints can cause irritation and compression of the nerves in the lower back.

Finally, pay attention to the shape and size of the saddle. A saddle that is too narrow can cause compression of the genital area. Make sure you make a correct support of the iliac bone in order to free the genital area.

  1. Stay dry

Sweating from your feet can create an extremely uncomfortable condition on the bike. Most of the time this is caused by spending long hours on the bike with wet socks or shoes. Of course, this is difficult to avoid on races but try to keep your feet dry.


  1. Orthopedic insoles.

The position of the cleat is extremely important since it can also lead to numbness of the foot. This implies moving the cleat forward or backward. To carry out this adjustment, we must put the shoe on and fit it on the pedal. With the crank at 90º and the flat foot, we will look for the position of the metatarsus. The metatarsal is the most prominent foot bone, and is commonly known as a bunion. If you look from above, you should check that this bone is about 5-6 mm in front of the pedal axis for small feet and around 10 mm for large feet. A good bike fit specialist can help you solve this problem during your evaluation.

However, if the changes of the clet do not solve the problem, a podiatrist can solve it, especially if you have a plantar arch that is too large or too small. More severe cases may use orthopedic insoles to correct the positioning of the foot.


Last and not least is to wear good shorts with a good pad that allows you to enjoy maximum comfort and enable the highest performance.

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