How to lose weight cycling?

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Lose weight on a bike

Can you loose weight cycling?

All cyclists are concerned about weight so they can improve the cycling power weight ratio on the bike. The lighter the rider is and the higher the power he prints on the pedals, the faster he will be. But before entering the training itself, it is important to share some eating tips.

1. Never starve yourself in a weight loss process. It will destroy your muscle tissue instead of burning fat. Long periods of fasting “force” your body to use muscle as a source of energy.

2. Make several light meals throughout the day. When you fill your food belly you are giving information to the body to accumulate fat reserves. And so the process of weight loss becomes more conditioned. Choose to make small meals throughout the day every 3 or 4 every 4 hours. Prefer lean proteins over simple carbohydrates.

3. Chew the food well. Shred foods well in the mouth. Our stomach has no teeth. Do a slower digestion and become aware of each food you eat.

In relation to training there are two great theories (methods) of weight loss.

A method that requires more time and lower intensities and another that requires less time and higher intensities (HIIT).

In the first method the training is longer but the intensity is lower. Since it takes a lot of time to train it becomes impractical for most amateur cyclists. It allows the development of aerobic capacity, but also increases joint wear due to the repetition of the technical gesture. For those who train in this way it is imperative to make a muscular reinforcement so that the back and joints of the lower limbs can have a good stability.

In the second method (HIIT) – high intensity interval training, 1 to 3 minutes of high intensity training can be performed with rest periods of 30 seconds to 1 minute. More glucose is expended as an energy source, and we trigger a greater metabolic acceleration -EPOC and fat burning throughout the day. As the intensity is high, the body needs to burn more fat at rest, to have energy for the recovery processes. This type of workout maintains or can even increase muscle mass. Due to the higher loads it also increases the risk of injury, since the body and its muscular and ligament structures are subjected to great stress.

So does cycling burn fat?

In short, the periodization of the sporting season must contemplate the two models of training. We must perform anaerobic training (HIIT) to maintain muscle mass and increase energy consumption after exercise and alternate with low-intensity aerobic training to regenerate the body. Losing weight is very important for cyclists, however, it should maintain muscle mass to be able to increase pedaling power.

Good Ride!

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