3 positions of Yoga for Cyclists


3 positions of Yoga for a faster and more effective recovery from cycling training.

After we spoke in the previous article of the cough stretch, important in the stretching of the psoas-iliac muscle and quadriceps, we need to present new stretching exercises for cyclists, this time for back and hamstrings. For this, nothing better than to make known, for those who have not yet discovered, the Yoga. It is a form that was born thousands of years ago and can bring great benefits to cyclists, and has been used for a long time by professional cyclists. In is essence, Yoga are exercises that work the body and the mind and that allows a good capacity of strength, flexibility and concentration. In this article we will concentrate on the exercises that allow an improvement of the flexibility and stabilization of the lumbar spine, which in turn reduce the risk of injury and allow better ventilation during the rides:



alongamentos ciclismo

Execution of the posture: Stretch on the floor, belly down. Place your right hands on the floor, just below the shoulders. Inhale, and exhale, arms outstretched. Stretch the chest and raise the hip, which should move slightly towards the palms of the hands. Body weight is supported by the hands, which are aligned with the shoulders.

Breathing: fluid and never retained, natural, by the belly.

Tip: Consider keeping your shoulders down, and tilt your head back.



Performing Posture: From the previous posture, inhale and exhale while fixing your toes to the floor. Thanks to the strength of the arms, and the abs, push the pelvis up while stretching the arms and legs. Then tilt your head to the floor to form a triangle with your body. Make sure your hands are apart, and parallel, aligned with the shoulders. Your feet are far apart, across the width of the pelvis, aligned with your hands. Try to stretch your back as much as possible.

Breathe: fluid and never retained, natural, by the belly.

 Option: Beginners, or practitioners who lack flexibility, in the back of the thighs can flex the knees slightly, as long as they keep their back straight.



Execution of the posture: Begin lying on your stomach. Bend your knees and hold your ankles with your hands. Push your feet away from your head with your hands at your ankles, keeping your knees separated by the width of the pelvis, and pull the chest off the floor. Take a deep breath in this position for at least three times.

Breathing: inhale and lift head, chest and shoulders at the same time.

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