Everyone recognizes that a cyclist’s position held for long periods can encourage shortening of the muscles and in turn cause a decrease in range of motion. That can cause pain and tension in the neck, back, pelvis and legs and worse, you can lose the ability to produce force.

We must counteract this effect and stop being lazy. 15 minutes of post-workout stretches are enough to regenerate and prepare the muscles for a new stage. Your body will thank you and give you precious time to think about life (cycling) for a while.

Benefits of stretching:

  1. Increases blood flow that allows the removal of accumulated toxins during exercise;
  2. Improves muscle fiber recruitment efficiency;
  3. It prevents injuries due to wear and fatigue;
  4. It prevents shortening of the muscle fibers, which makes possible more comfort at a more aerodynamic position in the bicycle;
  5. Prevents cramps and reduces muscle pain.


One of the best techniques for exercising mobility and improving the flexibility of the previous chain that has gained most fans is this exercise – “stretch couch”. From the book by Dr. Kelly Starrett “Becoming a supple leopard” we can relearn some fundamental exercises for those who think about cycling in a more serious way. And with this exercise we can increase the range of motion that often conditions the performance and negatively alters the postural alignment on the bike.

But be careful because the application of this technique must comply with high standards of rigor in technical execution. And, now, believe that no one does this exercise without complaint or crying to ask for mercy.


Place a knee as close as possible to the wall or couch, with the instep against the wall;

Advance the other foot in front of the body;

Check the alignment of the column, it should be in neutral position.

Contract the buttocks to project the basin toward the floor;

The contractions should take 3 seconds and should repeat several times.


This exercise can be very effective in resolving much of the muscle shortening of those who spend many hours on the bike, but it does not solve everything. Be aware of the next articles in which I speak of the stretching of the posterior chains.

Good rides!!!



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